The Skeleton Closet


A wooden barque of between 403 and 406 tons, built at Deptford, Kent in 1830 by T. Ward & J.B. Stone, felt and coppered.

I have listed the different weights here for her, as she was variously recorded in weight in the Lloyds Registers and in customs information in SA.

402 tons om 403 tons om 406 tons om length - 110' 7"
beam - 28' 5"
no depth of hold recorded

She made several voyages to Australia during her life on the high seas.

Arrivals in the colonies

She arrived in Western Australia on 18 Dec 1833. I have no further information on this arrival but would welcome any information.

The Lloyds departed England from the port at Gravesend on 1 August 1838 and arrived Port Adelaide under Captain Gunett* on 1 December 1838 carrying 181 passengers. [List]

*In some records, her captain is listed as Edward Garrett.

She also arrived in Van Diemen`s Land on 7 Nov 1845, presumably at Launceston or Hobart Town. I have no further information on this arrival but would welcome any information.


Passenger List to Adelaide in 1838.

From my research into this particular voyage of the Lloyds, it seems that many of the passengers had applied for free passage to the new colony of South Australia. Mr and Mrs William Wedd applied for passage on 31 May 1838, their application number was 2545 and was signed by Mr George Whiting.

Mrs Wedd's son Theodore Thompson also applied for passage on 4 June 1838 - he was then aged 15 years and his application number was 2546, which was signed also by Mr Whiting.

Alderman, Charles

Bowden, Mrs Charles

Buick, Frances A (nee Filmer)

Bullpitt, George Alfred

Codd, Janet

Filmer, Thomas

Goulburn, Penley

Groser, Walter

Hillier, John

Hillier, Rebecca

Kelly, James

Kelly, William

Pentley, G

Pole, William

Ranford, Mrs H

Stokes, Stanley

Thompson, Theodore Horatio (aged 15 years)

Tulley, William

Underdown, JS

Ward, AS

Wedd, Thirza (nee Thompson - aged 33 years)

Wedd, William