The Skeleton Closet

Lalla Rookh

A barque of 372 tons nm built at St Helier, Jersey 1839 by Edward Allan. Her Captain was Henry Kenney and the surgeon Mr L.Moore.

August 1840

She arrived on either the 11th or 12th of August 1840 having left London on 26 April, carrying general cargo and passengers (most records can't make up their minds when she came - I even have one that says the 9th) [List]

1840 Passengers

Arthur, James

Breach, Walter

Bryden, ----

Curtis, W

Draper, ----

Dyke, ----

Dyke, William

Elliot, ----

Hale, Robert

Hill, Henry & Children

Hill, HF

Hooper, ----

Hooper, W Barnes

Hurst, James

King, WH

Kingdom, Fred

Melville, HD

O'halloran, Captain, Wife & 2 children

Paxton, ----

Reeves, Alfred

Smith, RD

Watson, Mr & Mrs