The Skeleton Closet


A barque of 262 tons built at Sunderland in 1836, she was just a year old when arriving in South Australia under command of Captain Thomas Fewson on 20 October 1837 from London and Gravesend via Torquay, The Cape of Good Hope and Nepean Bay.


length - 89'
beam - 23' 6"
depth of hold - 18' 4"
tonnage - 262 om 322 nm

During the trip she was hailed and the Captain spoke with the commander of the Katherine Stewart Forbes 400 miles west of Cape Leeuwin on 3 October. She was carrying general cargo and passengers. [List]

Passengers in 1837

Broadrib, Mr, wife 3 daughters
Brooks, ---
Giles, W & 11 children
Hopkins, ---
Kingdon, ---
Knoll, Mr & sons
Lander, Edward
Marks, ---
Marks, ---
Marks, ---
Martin, Mrs and family
Ottaway, Mrs John
Packer, Mr & wife
Randell, WB & family
Reynolds, ---
Sexton, WH
Shepherdson, George
Shepherdson, Jabez
Shepherdson, John
Shepherdson, John Banks & wife
Shepherdson, Rachel
Stace, Sarah (nee Livett)
Stokes, Mrs ER
Stow, Augustine
Stow, Jefferson
Stow, Randloph
Stow, Rev TQ & wife
Stow, Wickliffe
Wheaton, Mr & wife
White, Mrs
Wilkinson, ---
Wilson, Mr & Mrs jnr.
Wilson, Mr & Mrs snr.