The Skeleton Closet


This was probably the largest sailing ship to enter Port Adelaide in the says of sailing ships. She was built in 1816 at Bombay Dockyards, India by Jamsetjee Bomanjee as a fully rigged ship. She would have been a beautiful sight sailing up the Port River to the wharf.


Length - 170' 6"
Beam - 43' 10"
1468 tons om

Voyages to Adelaide

To the best of my knowledge, the Buckinghamshire only made one visit to Adelaide, but brought the largest single contingent of passengers with her on that visit in 1839.

22 March 1839

Departing London on 11 December she arrived in Port Adelaide on 22 March 1839 under the command of Captain Moore and carrying 512 passengers.


Adams, John
Allen, William
Austin, George
Austin, John
Bailey, Frederick Manson
Bailey, Frederick Manson (A child)
Bailey, John
Bailey, John Manson
Bailey, John Manson
Bailey, Julia (A child)
Bailey, Maria
Bailey, Maria (A child)
Bailey, Silas (A child)
Baker, Mrs MA
Baker, Robert
Baker, William
Barber, James
Barnet, Charles
Bartholomew, Thomas
Birrell, George
Boon, Henry
Botting, FJ
Botting, Francis H
Bouchier, Robert James
Bradbury, Ann
Brock, Maria
Brooks, Edward
Brooks, Edward Thomas
Brooks, John Beard
Brooks, Rachel
Brooks, Rachel
Brooks, Samuel Stephen
Brooks, William Hudson
Brotherhood, Catherine (Kitty)
Brotherhood, Charles
Brotherhood, Hanah
Brotherhood, Kitty
Brotherhood, Mary
Brotherhood, William
Brotherhood, Wm
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Samuel
Browne, William James
Burnett, Charles
Burrows, Henry
Channing, John
Child, William
Childs, William
Coffee, George
Cook, Geroge
Cook, Mrs
Cook, Samuel
Cousin, W
Cousin, W
Crowhurst, Henry
Crowhurst, Mr
Crowhurst, Susam
Dodd, Charlotte
Dodd, Eliza (A child)
Dodd, Mary
Dodd, Mary (A child)
Dodd, William
Dodd, Wm Jabez
Elliot, Charlotte
Elliot, George
Ellis, Captain John
Ellis, George
Ellis, Henry
Elphick, Henry
Emery, Eliza
Emery, John
Emery, John (A child)
Epps, Moses
Fatchings, William
Ferguson, Mary
Ferguson, Peter
Fisher, Charles
Fisher, Charles (A child)
Fisher, John
Fisher, John Frederick
Fisher, John Frederick (A child)
Fisher, Martha
Foster, Mary Ann
Foulkes, Ann
Foulkes, Ellen
Foulkes, Emma Fortituda
Foulkes, Hugh
Foulkes, Sarah
Francis, Henry
Fry, Robert
Gilbert, Joseph
Gilbert, William
Giles, Mr
Gorsuch, Fanny
Gothardt, Mr
Gotthardt, Mr
Gratwick, Mr W
Greig, Alexander
Greig, Jean
Gumm, Alexander
Gunn, Alexander
Haile, Mrs
Hailes, Eliza
Hailes, Elizabeth Sarah (A child)
Hailes, Nathaniel
Hailey, Mr
Hains, Charles
Hairidge, Miss
Hall, William
Handcock, Mr
Harding, H
Harding, H
Harradin, Mr
Hezeldon, Mrs
Hockham, James
Hoggett, Mrs
Holme, Thomas
Hook, James
Hopkins, Charles Jnr
Hopkins, Martha
Hoskinson, Ann
Hoskmon, Henry
Hounsom, Anne
Hounsom, George
Hounsom, Jesther
Jellatt, Caroline
Jellatt, James
Jellatt, James Jne
Jellatt, Thomas
Jellett, Caroline
Jellett, Catherine
Jellett, James
Jellett, James
Jellett, Thomas
Jellett, William
Johnson, John
Johnston, Andrew Gal.
Johnston, James
Johnston, James
Johnston, John
Johnston, Margaret
Johnston, William
Johsnton, John
Joyce, James
Kent, William
Kentish, John
Kentish, John
Kingley, Mrs Martha
Kirby, John
Kirwick, John
Kiteley, John
Kiteley, Mary
Lambert, Benjamin
Lazaar, Mrs
Lemont, Peter
Levett, James
Levett, Leonard


Lillywhite, Mrs Thomas
Lillywhite, Thomas
Lillywhite, William
Lock, Mr
Lockyer, T
Mcdougal, Peter
Mckenzie, R
Miller, Mr
Mitchell, Thomas David
Moore, Edward
Morgan, W M
Mortimer, William
Munday, Mr & Mrs & 3 A children
O'connor, Dennis
Ovens, Harry
Palmer, Henry
Parnell, Edwin
Patching, Frederick
Patching, Mercy
Patching, William
Patching, William
Patchon, William
Pink, William
Poke, John
Poulchor, Mr
Poulden, William
Pratt, Mr
Prince, George
Putland, Thomas
Realff, Joseph
Remnant, Charles
Remnant, Fanny
Remnant, George
Remnant, John
Remnant, Kate
Remnant, Mary
Remnant, Sally
Remnant, Sarah
Ridcout, William
Robertson, Mr & Mrs
Robertson, Samuel
Robinson, Samuel
Robson, John
Robson, John
Rogers, George
Rule, James
Rule, Thomas
Russell, Ann
Salmon, Joseph
Schultz, Moses
Shearing, Charlotte (A child)
Shearing, Eliza
Shearing, Ellen (A child)
Shearing, Fanny (A child)
Shearing, George
Shearing, George
Shearing, Henry
Shearing, John
Shearing, Maryanne (A child)
Sheer, John
Short, John
Sims, Robert Harvey
Slape, Mr
Smith, Alfred
Smith, Archibald
South, Delia
South, Henry James
South, Mary Ann
South, Sarah
South, Thomas
Stephens, J
Stephens, Samuel
Stepps, Moses
Stevens, Ann (A child)
Stevens, John
Stevens, Samuel
Stewart, Donald
Stewart, Jessie
Stewart, Niel
Stewart, William
Sullivan, Bridget
Sullivan, John
Suter, Sarah
Suter, Thomas
Taylor, Annie Nee Hales
Tee, Michael
Templar, Mr
Templer, William
Terry, Alfred
Thomas, Elizabeth (A child)
Thomas, Frederick
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Samuel
Thompson, James
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Robert
Thompson, Ruth
Thompson, William (A child)
Thomson, Helen
Tomas, Samuel
Tucknott, George
Tucknott, Hannah
Tucknott, Henry (A child)
Tucknott, James
Tucknott, Mr
Tucknott, Samuel (Elder)
Tucknott, Sophia
Tucknott, William
Turner, Charles
Turner, Edward Jnr
Turner, Jane
Turner, Mary
Turner, Noah
Turner, Thomas
Vickery, George Frederick
Vickery, George Henry
Vickery, Mary
Vickery, Mary Ann (A child)
Wad, Thomas
Walker, William
Watson, Hugh
Watson, Isobel (A child)
Watson, Mary
Watson, Mary (A child)
Watson, Reuben
Watson, William
Welham, Sophia
Welling, David
White, James
Williams, John
Willis, George
Williss, Elizabeth Rebecca
Williss, Frances (A child)
Williss, George
Williss, Jane (A child)
Willmott, Ann
Willmott, Charles James
Willmott, Ellen
Willmott, John
Willmott, William
Willmott, Wm Henry
Willmott, Wm Henry
Wilson, John
Wisdom, Alfred (A child)
Wisdom, Catherine
Wisdom, Elizabeth (A child)
Wisdom, George
Wisdom, Geroge
Wisdom, John Nicholas
Wisdom, Stephen Luke
Wisdom, Thomas Henry (A child)
Wise, Ann
Wise, Rev W
Wood, Robert
Wood, William
York, John