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The Skeleton Closet

Wild Irish Girl

A brig of 124 ton built in Sydney by Laurence Corcoran in 1848.


Length - 79'

Beam - 17' 6"

Depth of hold - 10' 2"

124 ton nm


Her voyages to Port Adelaide

January 1850

Arrived Adelaide 26 January 1850 form Sydney under Captain James G. Stanes, carrying 9 passengers.

March 1850

Arrived 10 March from Sydney carrying sundry cargo, 35 passengers including 10 slodiers, 1 woman and 3 children of the 1tth Regiment.

May 1850

Arrived 21 May from Sydney via Kent Gulf and Circular Head where she shelterd\ed for 3 days in bad weather, carrying 23 passengers and cargo.

July 1850

Arrived 12 July from Sydney carrying wheel spokes, woolen garments and sudnries with 7 passengers and 11 soldiers, 1 woman and a child of the 11th Regiment.

August 1850

Arrived 27 August from Sydney with 2 passengers and a private of the 11th Regiment.

October 1850

Arrived 14 October from Sydney carrying 5 passengers and 1 soldier of the 11th Regiment

December 1850

Arrived from Sydney on the 9th December under Captain Walter R. Todd carrying cedar, tea, sugar and 24 passengers.