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The Skeleton Closet


I have two references in my collection to a ships named "Lightning" visiting South Australia, once in 1847 and another in 1876. I do not believe that either of these is the celebrated McKay built Black Ball Line Clipper of the same name, as the first is too early and the other too late.

For information about the Black Ball Line's Lightning please visit her page [ here ].

1847 Visit of the Lightning to Adelaide

I have very little information on this visit, other than the fact that she came here from London carrying passengers (of which I have none listed).

1876 Visit of the Lightning to Adelaide

This voyage began in London in 1876 and brought a number of passengers to Adelaide. I have very little other information on this ship. [List]



Passengers on Lightning in 1876

Howard, Mr

Stevens, Arthur

Stevens, Arthur (a child)

Stevens, Edwin

Stevens, George (a child)

Stevens, Harriet

Thiele, Carl Wilhelm

Thompson, Arthur


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