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The Skeleton Closet

Lady MacNaghten

A barque of 65 3 tons nm (new measurement) built at Howrah opposite Calcutta in India in 1825 by F. Vriginon & Son.


length - 118'
beam - 28'
depth of hold - 23'

She made 2 voyages to Adelaide:-


13 October 1847 she arrived from London, having left here on 17 June and sailed via Plymouth (departed Plymouth 1 July) to Port Adelaide, carrying 216 emigrants who were mostly Scots. James Hibbert was her captain and Dr CA Kelly her surgeon superintendent.


She left Port Adelaide on 4 February 1848 under the command of James Hibbert, carrying wool, wheat and passengers including Mrs & Master Hibbert (her captain), H.Collier, B.M. Da Costa, Reverend A.F. Lloyd.


She arrived in Port Adelaide on 15 June 1850 under the command of James Hibbert, carrying 116 passengers including the Reverend J.D. Merewether, Mr T Scott, Wm. Neville, Sarah Neville, Mrs R. Neville, Miss H. Neville and a surgeon named Mr Taylor. She also carried machinery for a steam dredge and sundry other cargo.

She cleared customs in Adelaide on 3 August to sail to Madras carrying copper, no passengers and a crew of 25.


I have no passenger listings for this ship