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The Skeleton Closet


A barque of 557 tons bult at Hull in 1839, the Indian visited Adelaide in 1849 from London, arriving here in ignominious circumstances.

On her voyage to the colony, she carried 2 passengers and 222 emigrants. Her captain was Isaac Thorney English and the surgeon superintendent Dr Sandford. This was not a happy voyage at all. [List]

On arrival in Adelaide, 97 passengers signed complaints agianst the captain, the 2nd mate, the purser, the captain's clerk, the surgeon and the steward for a range of things including assault, fornication, adultery, selling of ardent spirits, permitting gambling aboard the ship, smoking and drinking between decks and other crimes. The gratuitites normally paid for service to the passengers on these emigrant ships were witheld in this case, and the Governor of the day severely reprimanded the Immigration Agent Mr Brewer. This man was later dismissed from his privelidged position as Agent.

On 3 October 1849, the Captain appeared in the Adelaide Police Court in relation to false documents which had come to light regarding the stores on board the Indian.

Passengers - 1849

Stokes, James
Stokes, Mary
Thompson, David
Thompson, Isaac