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The Skeleton Closet

Earl Dalhousie

A fully rigged wooden ship built in 1862 by Alexander Stephen & Sons of Dundee.


Length - 191' 5"

Beam - 34' 8"

Draft - 22'0"

1047 tons GRT - 1047 tons NRT

932 tons under deck.

September 1862 - Launched at the shipyard of Alexander Stephen & Sons of Dundee for their own use. Assigned the British signal letters QFSD.


1865 - Commanded by Captain J. Campbell

1870 - Commanded by Captain J. Campbell

1872 - Commanded by Captain J. Campbell

1874 - Converted to a barque in conjunction with the twelve year survey. Commanded by Captain David Jarvis.

November 1874 - Sailed from Plymouth with emigrants for Port Adelaide - 84 days. [List]

1879 - Sailed from London to Brisbane in 82 days and also made a voyage from Brisbane to Rouen, France.

1880 - Captain John Jarvis replaced his father as master of the ship. She sailed from London to Brisbane in 84 days. Another voyage was undertaken from Newcastle, NSW, to San Francisco in 70 days, and from San Francisco in 114 days.

1883 - Sailed from London to Honolulu taking 120 days from Ponta Delgada in the Azores. On another voyage this year she sailed from Honolulu to San Francisco in 18 days. She also sailed from San Francisco to London with a cargo of grain at 50 shillings per ton. The cargo shifted in a severe storm in the North Atlantic. When she had been pumped dry and the cargo trimmed she was able to continue to Falmouth.

1883 - Sold to J.D. Bischoff, Bremen-Vegesack, for £ 2851 and was renamed Meta Seeger.

1887 - Wrecked at the Tierra Fuego and was abandoned by the crew.


Passengers on the 1874 voyage to Adelaide

Simpson, Alice (a child)

Simpson, Annie L (a child)

Simpson, Bessie (a child)

Simpson, George

Simpson, Mary