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The Skeleton Closet

David Witton

A 270 ton om brig built at Monkwearmouthshore in 1833 and being 90' x 26' 7" x 16' 7" under command of Captain Arthur Wright.

She arrived at Holdfast Bay on 3 December 1838 from the Cape of Good Hope carrying cargo which included spirits and 30,000 bricks.

She visited again on 2 March 1839 from Port Phillip carrying 5 passengers, cargo including sheep, but with bricks, 10,000 slates and 10 ton of iron still on board from her voyage out from England (perhaps it was too pricey to sell?). [List]

The wreck of the David Witton

She left Holdfast Bay on 11 March and ran ashore and was wrecked at the mouth of the Onkaparinga River, near Port Noarlunga on 17 March 1839. I find this a hard one to fathom, as Holdfast Bay is only about 10 miles as the crow flies, from the mouth of the Onkaparinga River, and the small shallow bay area known in those times as Onkaparinga. The loss of this ship must have had an impact upon the residents of the area in later years - there are presently streets and a local community hall named after the ship in the Port Noarlunga area, which is geographically where this wreck occurred. [SA Shipwrecks]


Passengers travelling on the David Witton in 1838:-

I have no list at this time.