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The Skeleton Closet

Davey Jones Locker

Welcome to "Davey Jones Locker"

Over more than 20 years of genealogical research, I have managed to amass a lot of information on ships into the various port towns and cities around Australia and New Zealand. As most of my research has been in South Australia, the bulk of my data is centered here.

My research data includes not only the ship names, but statistical information about the ship if I have it, port and date of embarkation, port and date of arrival, cargo information, passenger numbers, and in some cases passenger lists. My visitors should remember that the passenger lists I do have may not be complete, as most of them are bit gleaned during my research. So don't be disappointed if I haven't got the passenger list or the person you want.

There is a lot to look through in here, so take your time, and if you don't find what you want on-line yet, it doesn't mean the information you are looking for doesn't exist, it just means I don't have it - yet. But what I do have is extensive and comes for many wide and varied sources, bear in mind that you should still check and verify information for yourself, as what someone gives you is not always right. I have tried to verify and authenticate all of the information contained here through my own resource library and the various regulatory authorities, museums and archive repositories. My collection grows continually, so keep coming back to look for stuff.

The menu to the left will take you to the various parts of my database that are currently on-line - it is hard to get it all on at once, so you may find some links not working yet and leading only to my construction message - if your query is urgent, please email me and I will try to help you out.

Welcome aboard!