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The Skeleton Closet


A three-masted iron ship built in 1861 by Thomas Vernon & Son, Liverpool.


Length - 209' 0"

Beam - 34' 0"

Draft - 22' 6"

1150 tons grt - 1130 tons nrt - 1057 tons under her deck

July 1861

Launched at the shipyard of T. Vernon & Son, Liverpool, and assigned the English signal letters TKNV.


Owned by W. Dixon of Liverpool and commanded by Captain Alexander.


Owned by W. Dixon of Liverpool and commanded by Captain G. Massey. At some time during this year or early in 1871 she was commanded by Captain Alexander.


She sailed from England, probably from Plymouth to New Zealand with 222 emigrants.

June 1876

She was re-rigged as a barque and at the subsequent survey her tonnage was reduced to 1115 NRT due to repairs and rebuilding.

November 1878

Surveyed in London.


Owned by H. Flinn & Co. of Liverpool and commanded by Captain A. Hardy.


Sailed from Plymouth on January 11 and arrived at Port Adelaide on April 12 after a voyage of 91 days under the command of Captain John Jarvis, with 368 passengers. [List]


Arrived in San Francisco, USA after having departed Newcastle, NSW on October 4.


Arrived in Belfast on May 4 from San Francisco with a cargo of grain.



Passengers on the 1883 voyage to Adelaide

Stevens, Arthur E.