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The Skeleton Closet


Two ships named Benares visited Adelaide in the 19th Century. A wooden [barque] came from Leith via Port Phillip in 1841, and a four masted iron ship came from Hamburg in Germany in 1899.

Benares - the iron version

A four-masted iron ship built in 1877 by H. Murray & Co., Port Glasgow. Rigged with royal sails over double top- and single togallant sails.


Length -270'

Beam - 39' 2"

Depth of hold - 34'

Tonnage - 1721 GRT and 1646 NRT.

1877 April - Launched at the shipyard of H. Murray & Co., Port Glasgow, for Watson Bros., Glasgow.
1899 - Sailed from Hamburg to Adelaide in 75 days.


Benares - the wooden version

A wooden barque built at Leith in 1840 under command of Captain James Gilkison.


Length - 117' 1"

Beam - 26'

Depth of hold - 18' 6"

Tonnage - 524

She arrived in Adelaide from Leith via Port Phillip carrying cargo and passengers, some of whom had embarked at Port Phillip.


Hagen, J. (probably Jacob Hagen returning from one of his many trips to the other colonies)