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The Skeleton Closet


A Ship built by Matthew Smith in Calcutta, India in 1815 to 'second description first class' for T. Oldfield. She weighed 523 tons and was of teak construction.


523 ton

length - 122' 3"

beam - 30' 10"

draft - not listed

Asia at Sydney Docks



Departed London 7 March 1839 and arrived Adelaide 7 March 1839 under Captain Freeman, carrying 120 passengers. [List]



Passenger List for this voyage


Adams, Elizabeth (nee Benger)

Aldenton, Anne

Aldenton, George

Anderson, James

Anderson, Thomas

Austin, J

Baker, Eliza

Baker, Thomas

Barker, John

Barslow, H

Basham, Mrs CA

Battle, T

Battle, Thomas

Berry, J

Black, Mrs WE

Catheray, D

Chandler, W

Clark, J

Collard, Thomas

Corner, Mr

Credenter, John

Crittenden, Samuel

Daniels, Thomas

Dawkins, S

Duff, Captain and family

Forbrach, James

Ford, FJ

French, Mrs GH

Frost, S

Frost, Thomas

Garrett, ----

Gregory, T

Griffin, C

Harris, William

Hersey, ----

Hill, GW

Hill, John

Hill, W

Hill, W

Hockley, J

Hullet, Eli

Hussey, CW

Hussey, Henry

Ianson, Mr

Jellett, T

King, William

Laimwell, John

Letts, George

Linn, W

Lloyd, Mr & Mrs John

Loader, W

Mail, John

Matthews, William

Mayo, Dr George

Mildwater, George

Mortimer, William

Moulder, J

Mounster, J

Nicholson, G

Oliver, E and family

Orme, Alexander

Palmer, Thomas

Patterson, A

Perry, George

Perry, JN

Perry, Joseph

Perry, Joshua

Pickering, J

Pool, W

Roberts, James

Robertson, James

Ross, W

Sanders, Mrs SA

Sansom, Mrs

Sansom, W

Simpson, A

Simpson, Fanny

Simpson, Mary Ann

Simpson, Mrs Mary Ann (nee Scammell)

Simpson, Sarah

Simpson, Walter

Uphill, George

Vandersbergh, William

Vaux, William K

Von Schedlich, A

Watts, Mr & Mrs

Whaley, John

Wright, Margaret