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The Skeleton Closet


A wooden barque built by Robert Steel & Company at Greenock in 1837, the Ariadne was two years old when she came to Adelaide in 1839.


length - 115' 4"
beam - 24' 2"
depth of hold - 19'
tonnage - 427 ton om 454 ton nm

She departed Greenock, her home port, on 11 April 1839 and arrived in Adelaide on 13 August under the command of George McLeod, carrying general cargo and 120 Passengers. [List]

Passengers in 1839 Blyth, Arthur
Brown, Mrs James
Frame, Mr
Hyde, Geroge
Hyde, James
Hyde, John
Hyde, Robert
Lowry, W
Macgeorge, RF
Mcgregor, Robert
Mclaren, John
Miller, Ann
Turner, Mrs Mary
Umpherstone, James