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The Skeleton Closet

Anna Robertson

The Anna Robertson was a barque of 447 tons om built by Matthew Smith in Calcutta, India in 1816.

She arrived in Adelaide on 20 September 1839 from London via Gravesend under command of Captain Ausgustus Munro, carrying general cargo and 111 passengers. [List]


Andrafs, Mr & Mrs
Andrews, E W
Beddome, RW
Coleman, Mrs
Everet, W
Frisby, Mrs CW
Hallack, Mr
Keynes, J
Lipshot, G
Marriage, Richard
Martin, John
Masters, Mrs Thomas
May, Mr & Mrs F
Meadows, Mr
Metcalf, W
Perry, CA
Phillips, Margaret
Pinter, Dr. V.
Sanders, Mrs W (nee Gray)
Smith, Mr
Stacey, WJS
Warner, James
Warner, Joseph
Warren, James
Woodley, Mr & Mrs