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The Skeleton Closet


This ship holds the distinction of being the first passenger vessel* to anchor at Holdfast Bay in South Australia in 1836.

She was a wooden hulled barque built by Thomas & Robert Brown Jnr at Jarrow, County Durham in 1832. She weighed 316* ton and had a length of 98' 9", beam of 27' 2" and a draft of 18' 6". Her owners in 1836 were John Hallet and Partners.

The Africaine visited South Australia four times :-

Departed London 28 June 1836 - arrived Holdfast Bay 6 November 1836* - Captain John Duff - carrying at least 78 passengers, probably more. [List]

Departed Launceston - arrived Port Adelaide 14 July 1837 - Captain John Duff - carrying 4 passengers, possibly more. [List]

Departed Hobart - arrived Port Adelaide 1837.

Departed London 7 May 1838- arrived Port Adelaide 2 October 1838 - Captain McTaggart - carrying at least 3 passengers, probably more. [List]


Passengers on 1836 voyage from London:-

Bagg, John

Brown, Mr & Mrs John

Bushell, Mr & Mrs, 1 son, 1 daughter

Clarke, Eliza

Coltman, Mr & Mrs

Cox, Daniel

Cronk, John

Davym Ralf E

Drason, ----

East Mr & Mrs S, 2 sons, 4 daughters

Everard, CG

Everard, Dr CG & Mrs

Everard, William

Fisher, Robert

Glidden, A

Gouger ,Mr & Mrs Robert

Hallett, Mr & Mrs John

Hill, H

Hill, Joseph A

Jacobs, Andew

Lillywhitem ----

Lowis, Mr & Mrs

Mantegani, Helen

Masters, ----

Philis, Caroline

Pollard, Mr & Mrs

Skipper, Frances

Skipper, J M

Slater, ----

Smith, Benjamin

Smith, Matthew

Smith, May

Snoswell, Mr & Mrs J

Symonds, Bessie (nee Darmody)

Thomas, Mr & Mrs Robert, 4 children

Thomas, Robert

Thomas, WIlliam K

Vincent, Mary

Ward, ----

Warren, ---

Wickham, B

Wickham, DK

Williams, W

Windebanks, Jas.

Young, Alfred


Passengers on 1837 voyage from Launceston:-

Burrell, Mr

Handcock, Mr

Jones, T

Thomas, Mr


Passengers on 1838 voyage from London:-

Bushell, JB

Cronk, James

Snoswell, John



Africaine has been listed in several resources as arriving on 6 November 1836 and also on 14 November 1836. As I have found far more references to the first of the two dates, this is the one I go by.

Mr John Hallet, who arrived on this ship was part owner of it at the time of his arrival in S.A.