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The Skeleton Closet


A ship of 350 ton built at Sunderland in 1841, she arrived in Adelaide on 12 September 1849 from London via Plymouth under command of William Samuel Baker. Dimensions

length - 104' 3"
beam - 24'
depth of hold - 18' 2"

She had an accident on her way here colliding with a fishing boat off Start Point on 24 May causing her mast and gear to be carried away. She carried bricks, clay, pre-fabricated sheds and 172 passengers. [List

This was not a happy voyage. There were numerous complaints about the master and officers, including the surgeon - one J. Heigenbottom, who was reported to have been "not only professionally incompetend, but was gross and improper in his language, and seldom sober".

Passengers Adamson, J.